8 Days

Good morning, rent is still over due what fun. I did receive one donation putting us at $50/$1800. The eviction process will start probably at the end of the day. The donation was through go fund me so I won’t have access to the funds for 3-5 business days.

In other news, we have some things happening tonight, and other things already happening.

Catch my latest vlog that’s live now!

I’ve been unable to record vlogs because of how dysregulated I have been feeling after my ex-therapist/ex-client put me in the financial crisis I am in. It wasn’t just losing my tiny bit of steady income. Above everything it was a betrayal of the delicate trust between a therapist and her patient (me). My CPTSD is due to attachment trauma so this has been pretty painful emotionally and mentally. I don’t give a shit about her anymore really, especially when I had to block her when she threatened to swat me; what I do care about is my friendships and my ability to self advocate suffering because of all of it. I’m moving forward as best I can. Here we hope to keep creating and growing, thanks for your patience and support.

While I’m on the topic of videos it’s hump day so you know what that means! At 7 PM ET every week I try to share some of my music with the world, Wednesdays you can expect a new music video on my YouTube channel.

Bun Supporters can watch now

Check my promo art page under SLS Pics for IG updates. If you’re on IG you can grab a link from my stories once it’s live. Otherwise, check my linktree to sub to my music YouTube channel. I’m trying to get to 500 subscribers (and I forget the amount of watch time) in hopes of getting it monetized, hello somewhat passive income.

Lastly, just a reminder that at 9 PM ET every Wednesday I’m streaming live music on Radio Free Fedi no need for an account to chat allowing you to remain anonymous if you want! Find out a little more about how that came to be on my previous post about how I got connected to them.

Thanks for reading this little update, please continue to share my Ko-fi Page and help me gain sustainable income through commissions, shop sales and potentially reaching new clients while I continue to be a full-time caretaker for my elderly mother it’s near to impossible to find a job that won’t leave me incapacitated energetically.

Please leave me a tip if you have the means, every bit counts, we’re close to my family losing all safety. My dream is to remind everyone that their voice, light and life are irreplaceable and powerful to evolve humanity to stop endangering this planet and ourselves but mostly remind creators and other trauma survivors, chronically ill and otherwise disabled folks in my community that they are not alone.

I appreciate your time and your heart for giving said time it’s something we cannot replace. Sending you love and peace from the depths of my spirit as I try to hold on to hope.


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