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I’m on the radio!!! What, where, how!?

I’m on a small fediverse radio station. What’s a fediverse – the linked article explains “The fediverse is a collection of independently hosted interconnected servers. The term is a portmanteau of the words federated and universe. In social networking, the fediverse refers to a collection of independent social applications linked by a common protocol.”

So my lovelies listen here to me and other amazing musicians!!!

Now if you’re nosey like me, and you’re wondering how it happened well it was simple haha. I’m on Mastodon now, also part of the fediverse, and the radio station team reached out. Now on the 🐦 bird I’m used to spam and scams I wasn’t sure what to think, I wasn’t sure if bots have snuck into the fediverse. My friend did quick research and saw they were legit.

The station merely asked for a Bandcamp code and I felt I would lose nothing since I only need money, I don’t create for money, I create to connect. They didn’t ask me to pay anything nothing weird at all.

Less than 24hrs later there I was being exposed to the fediverse in audio form. It felt magical one of the most intense moments I have ever had. Part of me was sad I couldn’t share it with my therapist – her loss.

I was thankful to have my friend there to share the moment. That was a nice feeling.

Okay bye now – share my Ko-fi Page or the Gofundme, 4k to raise!!!

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