What is a “Bun Supporter” anyway? I’m glad you asked!

Bun Supporters beings from my amazing community who are able to support me through a monthly subscription on my Ko-fi Page. By the way they say it’s pronounced “coffee” because it’s like “buy me a coffee” to support you small artist.

Why should I consider becoming a Bun Supporter?

When you choose to become a Bun Supporter you unlock various perks depending on how much you are able to contribute. For as low as $5/ month you can have access to exclusive content, sneak peaks like works in progress, discounts or free merch, free promotion of your projects and goals, behind the scenes access and more!

What are other ways I can support?

You can also support me through my Ko-fi Shop where you can buy my creations from me directly and I get 100% of the proceeds as opposed to other means.

If you’re looking for more personalized creations like a personalized gift for a loved one, emotes for your stream, logos or branding for your small business or vocals etc you can reach me through my Ko-fi Commissions and submit a request.

At all times you can also send me some love through tips or by sharing my page to others who would love to support me in helping bring light, love and empowerment to marginalized creators like myself!

Have a look at my Ko-fi Page and find out more today!

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