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I created my YouTube channels in 2015 with the hope to encourage artists like myself who might feel like they have limited resources (financial or emotional or otherwise) to share their light with the world. The fact that we are creative in the arts means we were made to be seen, heard and witnessed. Often we are told by life, family or society that we’re not enough, that our impact means nothing, that who we are should be hidden away and kept “to ourselves.”

I see you, I hear you, I am with you.

The reality is that in the age of the internet we can be so generous and giving by sharing what we have on our hearts. I started with a phone and a very weak laptop and a mountain of mental health to overcome. I still struggle to this day with being witnessed which is why I started a mental health podcast called “Monday Mingle” which I stream on my Twitch channel and later upload it to the world at large.

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