When I finally let myself say “I’m a musician” (a dream I had since childhood that felt like scaling mount Everest) I thought it would be helpful to someone in the world to document my journey through trying to play gigs, open mics and generally what I thought “professional” musicians did.

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Soon enough…
I had to face long held trauma about being seen and both my music channel and my vlogs came to a halt with a big excuse when my laptop stopped working.
As of March 2021 I have started a podcast in conjunction with my vlogs to help me process my challenges of mental health as a creator and as human dwelling in our universe. I hope to help others know “you are not alone” and share my day to day life.

We talk about mental health and everything else! Sometimes we have guests and we’ve has co-hosts on and off. If you’ve like to be on the podcast please reach out!

Check out the Monday Mingle Podcast:

Note they are “age restricted” because there are some topics that can be triggering to some. Please proceed with caution.

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