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I’m sorry I haven’t updated everyone. I am so thankful for all the help I’ve gotten so far.

As of today 11/10/23 I have lost my main source of income $1600/month so now I cannot make rent nor can I pay my car insurance or my car payment and I definitely cannot pay rent. These things are all essential to keeping my family and I safe and meet our needs.

As far as the move, we have successfully found a new home, my life is in chaos, most everything is in boxes. I told my client who fired me long before the move that I wouldn’t be at optimal output during nor after. She didn’t seem to hear me or used it as an excuse to fire me.I’m devastated by this information as I was hoping continued stability would help me keep growing my small business and bring in monthly support to my Kofi page as my sole income is from my creations – art, music, streams, writing and as of now I only earn $15/month for those things because of my two beautiful kofi “Bun” Supporters.

I am so scared of seeming ungrateful to you all. Life has been a whirlwind of trauma response loops tha my therapist didn’t help me through and eventually dropped me mid October.I have been at my limit for many months. I didn’t get the condo from my last update which started a chain reaction of painful emotional flashbacks and disorienting moments where I wasn’t feeling safe. It had very little to do with the move but the move wasn’t helping.

My mother has also had a very difficult time transitioning feeling horribly confused, scared and disoriented. Most of my energy every day is going to comforting her and trying to help her stay grounded. She’s crying for her mom everyday (my grandmother passed when my mom was 10). Changes make Mom feel like she’s been abandoned, like people are stealing her things and packing her stuff makes her feel this even more intensely. I don’t want to say more because it’s not my health to share and talk about, it’s hers.

I’m wishing you all well and really hoping that business starts to pick up sooner than later. Since the gift giving season is upon us, please consider commissioning me if you can or tell others!I can make beautiful customized cards and other art work, all sorts of handmade personalized gifts both digital and traditional. I can create intimate songs for your friends and other loved ones. I have merch with a percentage of proceeds going to Suicide Prevention.

So tthere it is – sharing my Gofundme again… Makes me feel like trash


Please help share my Ko-fi Page, commission me, check my shop (trying to add stuff soon), tip me, commit to as little as $5/month to earn some perks. Every bit helps.

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