8 Days

I’ve been unable to record vlogs because of how dysregulated I have been feeling after my ex-therapist/ex-client put me in the financial crisis I am in.

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quote The Gofundme…

I’m sorry I haven’t updated everyone. I am so thankful for all the help I’ve gotten so far. As of today 11/10/23 I have lost my main source of income $1600/month so now I cannot make rent nor can I pay my car insurance or my car payment and I definitely cannot pay rent. These

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Big Deal Thingy

I’ve never been chosen for anything that I can remember not for my art, maybe not for anything. So in July when I was told by Sista Creatives Rising (SCR) that I was chosen as a featured artist in their virtual art event, documentary and fundraiser I was shocked. I believe I haven’t talked about

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