Big Deal Thingy

I’ve never been chosen for anything that I can remember not for my art, maybe not for anything.

So in July when I was told by Sista Creatives Rising (SCR) that I was chosen as a featured artist in their virtual art event, documentary and fundraiser I was shocked.

I believe I haven’t talked about it as much as I wanted to because I keep down playing my role in it. I feel it’s a big deal for Sista Creatives, my new lovely friends, but I have been feeling like an insignificant part of it.

It changed when Claire and Amaranthia (SCR) showed us a preview of the documentary. My heart melted as I watched beautiful art and beautiful humans talking about their art.

I’m so excited for everyone to share in that moment.

For years I have felt shame for wanting to be seen and heard. Last night in therapy I realized, it’s my job. I was made for this. I was made to shine and inspire and help others keep fighting through the worst of days but also to feel elated and joyful through the best of days.

These things bring me life.

Lately I’ve been feeling ugly and unlovable so I made a silly Instagram post today (check SLS Pics to find that lol) putting all my insecurities about my body and looks in one place. It’s not just my flesh that makes me feel unattractive, it’s all of me, but it’s an easy target.

Anyway, before I keep on please grab a ticket for the show, they’re free.

Turns out writing here on mobile isn’t as janky as my other site within the browser on mobile, whoo hoo! Still I want to keep my old Blog so this is just a short update.

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