Updates or Something

I suppose I am going to keep my old website as the blog but I still want to make updates here. A few days ago (not sure when because I’m dissociating) I wrote this blog post here.

I keep feeling some kind of way, an emotion I’m struggling to name, about anything and everything I am posting lately. It’s a familiar feeling even though I cannot name it. I feel this way every time I’m longing to be seen by someone in particular.

I’m mentioning it in hopes that it loses its power.

They say love cannot exist one sided. As much as I miss him I am frozen as I fade into nothing. I feel I will be forgotten. Still, I scream into the void with my art wishing to be seen or heard to be sought out.

I’m locked within this change of homes while I’d rather create. I’m exhausted and my spirit feels empty and weak.

I’m silly, you know… it was the same in the past. I run away as if anyone would ever come looking. It’s okay though, cause I am here for myself at least.

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