I write, draw, paint, sing, play my guitar and try to love others because I know I am dearly and endlessly loved and many of us are hurt and trampled and end up hurting others because no one chose to love us... But I believe we are all here to teach each other about the goodness that exists in this world and to evolve as a race to greater acts of love, compassion, and sacrifice... including and not limited to loving the earth and animals that are all around us that we have forgotten to watch after. I have been singing since I can remember and I really want to encourage others who suffer that they are not alone in their suffering, there is someone who understands and can help you get past the suffering and not just survive but to live and thrive and bring joy and healing to others as well.

Just Work Harder…

It was July 2015, unsure of what day exactly, I woke up in immense pain so severe I couldn’t even roll my body over to try to push myself out of bed. I grew up with subluxations in many joints of my body, sometimes almost everyday. I called off work, put my shoulder back in

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I have lost a friendship recently, actually a few in the last year or so. I’m struggling with self isolation while I’m in dire need of support. I have severe trust issues. I don’t know what real intimacy should be or could be. With that I see the thoughts and ideas around “validation” and it

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Sometimes I hate getting reminded of why I have trust issues. I hate getting reminded of why I wrote songs like “Magic” and “Ride or Die” and “i.h.y.” Sometimes I remember I have faced so much betrayal that when my new therapist is shocked that I tried therapy again so soon and she asks “why”

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Twenty four years ago my father blamed me for his marriage falling apart. Let me warn you now, this post comes with heavy content warnings of abuse (all types), poverty, war, maybe suicidal ideation and sexual abuse, proceed with caution. A week ago my brain was so swollen I felt my guts churning into a

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