There’s so much suffering in the world. There’s so much that I had to tune out the news and anyone that shared said news for the sake of my mental health.

I have felt devastated at my lack of reach many, many times before. I’m actually writing this because I was seeing bunny after bunny in need as well as humans struggling through pain because of poverty and a broken system.

In moments like these I have to stop myself and remind myself that that I’m doing my best and that while my reach might be small compared to billions of humans on this planet and compared to an endless universe at large, my reach is still powerful and meaningful.

For anyone who carries a strong sense of compassion and need to better the world, to make a difference and have an impact for the sake of love, peace, goodness, kindness and anything that brings life and healing to pain and suffering… For anyone who is like me in that way, please be kind to yourself as well.

Your life matters and has an impact no matter how much of that impact you are blessed to see, it’s there.

The beings you are blessed to encounter can feel your love and kindness first hand. Others they encounter will follow suit. That does include you, my dear, the love and grace you give yourself grows and echoes to touch into those outside yourself who need love and kindness as well.

It’s what I wanted to tell my friend Fern and essentially myself when I wrote my song “Ripple Effect.” Take peace in knowing that love and kindness are pure and potent and one tiny bit can lead to huge change. Trust that your efforts are not in vain.

Push forward in goodness.

Reach to the light and you will shine to those who need to see it, feel it and reflect it back to you.

Wishing you love and peace

This blog was not planned at all 🤣💚🐇

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