2 AM

Well, it’s Sunday night sorta Monday morning… Two o’clock in da mornin’ and I have now lost half a day of work… This time it’s the internet.

The internet is part of the lease here. It wasn’t a choice I was allowed to make they just did it for me and hiked up the price, lucky me…

Ever since they took over my account the internet goes out every few weeks for a very long time, sporadically with no warning.

My ex-employer, what did I name them here? I don’t remember and I can’t search for it cause you know, no internet… The fuckery club I worked for never believed me. So anyway, here I am laying too awake to sleep, and unable to finish my vlog which is already late. I’m not sure if this will even save! I hope it does.

Usually, I render the video while I make the thumbnail and listen to a pal’s stream and then upload, take a break while it uploads. You know stuff well I can’t work in silence and the only music I have on my PC is my own and I don’t feel emotionally well enough to finish the album right now after the bullshit of the toilet.

So for now, while my data is also completely gone, because this has happened many times the last 30 days, I am just jotting this down. We’ll see if it saves!

It is seven o’clock in the mornin’ now. It saved… I can’t sleep. It’s hot. Thanks for reading my random post about nothing. Hopefully I can finish the vlog tonight after the Monday Mingle podcast.

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