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As of last night the only working toilet we have left is now also clogged. I’m paying for a two bedroom two bathroom apartment and we only had one working toilet for the year.

As I was writing this the maintenance staff who’s been verbally abusive as well as sleeping with my neighbor who has threatened me actually came to unclog the toilets.

Unfortunately he damaged my personal property and he smeared sewage all over the walls and doors and dripped it all over the floors as well.

Sewage on the brush I use to clean my shower
Sewage on my things where I store my brush

There are shootings right outside my window several times a year. My neighbor is violent and incredibly loud. I am terrified of leaving the apartment even to take out the trash.

From The School of Life, this video explains

My mental health is deteriorating the longer I stay here worse than it already has been. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs it is incredibly more difficult to have growth or self development and self actualization like helping others or fulfilling your life’s purpose while your basic needs for food, safety and shelter are unmet.

I haven’t been able to work most of the week aside from two streams. My apartment is incredibly hot. My body is in pain that is getting more severe. As my therapist seems to be the only witness I have to what’s happening, as most of my friends don’t know what’s happening day to day and I have no family, I only have the energy to update you my readers and other followers on what’s happening here and there.

Self advocacy is incredibly hard for me. I’m could not stop crying after posting on Instagram again about the situation. I am not safe in my own home.

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