Lizzie’s Unicorn

She screams – inundated with toxins
Still I feel useless
She cries for safety drowning in yesterday
Still I double over to the lies
She burns and churns longing for peace

I’m still pushing
You’re not trying
You’re pathetic
You’re worthless
You’re clinging to a pillow for nothing

She can’t breathe
She can’t feel
She can’t move
She’s leaving us all

You’re selfish
You’re manipulative
You’re conning them to be a child
You’re making excuses to play with boys and toys and little silly dreams

Burn it all
Throw the fuckery out once and for all
Grow up, you sack of shit
Get lost, disappear, leave them to be free

She’s trembling
She’s weak
She’s tired
She’s crawling

I can’t anymore, everything hurts
Everything hurts so much
I must stop hurting you
I must stop needing so much
I must stop taking

Please stop
Just stop
I don’t want to bleed anymore

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