Day 1

Almost 6 hours into my 40th trip around the sun 05:50 ET.

I was born some time early in the morning on a Tuesday.

Yesterday, on the last day of my 39th trip around the sun, I wrote a song contemplating everything that has molded me into who I am, all the years I was ashamed to say “hey, I exist” and too ashamed to want love and kindness and to be cherished for the fact that I’ve hit another milestone.

I’ve shared the rawest take of a song I have ever published. The 1st draft which as I am writing this Bun Supporters can listen and enjoy and in 13 hrs (7 PM ET) every one else will find it on my YouTube music channel.

This just in, the photos on this post posted on their own somehow??? What the fuck? 😂

Happy Birthday, Sabi… Those will look odd with no context.

Well the context is that I got myself all prepped to record a good take of my new song but failed many times over and in the end I put together my first plan. Still, I dressed up to record it because I wanted to look cute. So I took some photos.

I want sushi.

I want cuban toast.

I want to pay my bills comfortably.

I want my janky phone to stop doing weird shit!

See you at 9 PM ET for my birthday party stream!

Love and peace


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