All things new

So here are my new camera and interface for the stream and if you want one too use this link… I know, this is a silly/sell out post… but if you need one, these are affiliate links so they help me out!

My new Interface!

My new Cam! Which is on sale for Prime Day

In all seriousness, though, I never thought I would come such a long way with being able to share my music with people I love and care about. I have met some beautiful people on my journey and I am working on a YouTube video soon just showing what these upgrades really mean to me in a tangible way and probably a sentimental way too. I appreciate everyone who comes and says hello when I am streaming, everyone who gets happy to see me when I visit their stream and I am really thankful to have found a wonderful community centered around beauty. Not much else to say… I wasn’t planning this post so I don’t want to say anything that would be associated with selling things lol. More updates to come soon I hope.

Peace and love to all of you lovelies!

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