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I’ve been in pain

Friday it started

It’s not been better

Sleep is elusive again

My uterus wants an inhabitant

I want…

Can’t say it… Yet? Ever? Idk…

Hey! Bo Burnham made a new YT vid ha ha yeah it made me want…


Cute right?

I don’t feel cute except when I dream

No need for sleep, it sometimes just happens… Especially…

Idk… You’d never know… I won’t say… You won’t read this anyway…

5 mins yeah I won’t get sleep

Gunshots outside my window again.

Mom is ok

Bunny is ok

It made me think of days when I’d reach out to someone who I thought cared

He didn’t

Do you care? Would you care?

I want…

No that’s a lot… Maybe…

It feels like a lot to ask but here I am thinking waiting longing dreaming buzzing around my mind like… Something… Something… Something…

You were meant to bring a light did you know that?

I remembered an old song today… I don’t think I can work tomorrow/today my stomach feels like it is being ripped apart and my heart feels like it wants to fly and my mind is making my skull pressure too much to hold my brain without inducing sensations of wanting to vomit.

I’m sorry my body is so weak

Here I am missing you

I wrote a song years ago, I thought shared love but he was trickery. I think those words now and your voice hums the caverns of my memory. Your smile makes me fly.

A sweet succulently tender voice a steak cooked right savory and mmm just right

I want…

Some say such sighs would be TOS


Still my touch lingers while you slink over my mind

Just a dream awake perhaps you visit as I slumber

Meeting at moon’s noon would be sweet

Sure the tune was for another time another ear another mind

Still nice to dream


open parenthesis space o space Y space o space close parenthesis

eight equals equals equals D

Point Okay



Some people confess when they think of the brevity of life

I just want to say hi at least… stop feeling like my heart is gross… stop

Good luck tomorrow friend

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