10 Days

Another day
Another struggle
More reaching for light
Through chaos, pain and despair

More lives lost to preventable events
Scarcity shoved into our faces
False narratives to keep us in fear

Fear of one another
Fear of death and sickness
Fear of the inevitable
Fear of being our true selves

As I count the days to another trip around the sun
I wonder when will the fighting end
I wonder are my efforts in vein
I wonder are my convictions worth it

My family deserves justice
My family deserves life
My family deserves healing
My family deserves light

Above all they deserve love

I feel I deserve nothing but as you, and my emotional support bunny and my mom and the trees and other animals are my family

You are my family, yes

You deserve love and kindness and a world where we connect as it was intended

I’m trying to look past my despair and my failures or short comings

The kindness I have received is overwhelming, I don’t feel I deserve it, I surely feel I have earned nothing

I feel like an eternal burden and annoyance with echoes of my past tearing me apart I fear the kindness I receive and so many little things pull me out of my skin to quake in pain deeper than my bones

I persist because sweet souls like tell me I’m generous, me who has nothing to give

Promise me you will fight for love and peace

I know the world is burning

We are all connected, endure
Your light matters
Your voice matters
You’re not alone

Wishing love and peace

Happy New Day

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