Well, Here We Are

I signed into work this morning and within seconds I was getting a call from the HR department. They told me that because of their funds they are laying people off.

I never felt comfortable at the job especially when they gave me a horrible time last year when I asked for disability accommodations and they refused and tried to bully me into until I brought my therapist into the picture. Suddenly my simple request to not have to make phone calls or take them because it triggers my CPTSD was taken seriously.

In letting my friends know a lot of them are saying sorry but I don’t think thry understand the complexity of what I am feeling. Working for these corporations makes me feel like a slave. I can’t do what makes me feel fulfilled, I can’t keep my home clean, I can barely take care of my basic needs like hygiene and proper sleep. No matter where I work I am miserable. The longer I do work that is unfulfilling, soulless and meaningless the more and more I feel like a caged animal.

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