This calendar year has been a roller-coaster, I feel like I keep saying that everywhere. The highs and lows have been unexpected and exhausting but I believe I feel a little bit of peace for now. Within minutes yesterday morning I went from trying to share my feelings of shame, confusion and grief to a […]

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7 Days

I challenged myself to post daily until my birthday next week. That’s what the cryptic count down is about. At this moment in the heart of semi-hiding I’m wondering if I did so to avoid the one platform where I get more engagement, Instagram. It might seem off to you, why would anyone avoid such

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Please Help

As of last night the only working toilet we have left is now also clogged. I’m paying for a two bedroom two bathroom apartment and we only had one working toilet for the year. As I was writing this the maintenance staff who’s been verbally abusive as well as sleeping with my neighbor who has

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