My bunny needs help

I haven’t posted since July. Life has been really tough mentally. I’ve gone through a lot of odd little things that have triggered my probable attachment issues mid-year and then I had to move from a really toxic environment, and I say that quite literally, you can see the IG and Twitter posts I made […]

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All things new

So here are my new camera and interface for the stream and if you want one too use this link… I know, this is a silly/sell out post… but if you need one, these are affiliate links so they help me out! My new Interface! My new Cam! Which is on sale for Prime Day

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A Long Story

Not sure how to start this one, for context you can look at this awesome video here, and then this awesome follow up video here. There are a lot of things I wanted to say to these videos. The first is I realized that I’ve shed bad friends and I feel like I might be

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